WebODM - Export issues 1.9.18 - build 84

Hello all!

I just upgraded the version of WebODM from 1.9.15 → 1.9.18.

After that, I could not export orthophotos from it.

Before trying a downgrade, I would like to know if someone is facing some issue like it.

  1. Link to all products exported from WebODM:
  1. Windows 10 Pro 19044.2846 - Google Chrome 112.0.5615.138 64 bits

Thank you in advance!

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Oh, that’s odd.

Can you show the error and help us to replicate it?

We have not received such an error report for this before, so something might be up.

Instead of a downgrade, you can safely try to do another in-place upgrade/re-install.

I am seeing the Orthophoto just fine in your export:

If you are trying to use a normal Image/Picture viewing program to load it, please be aware that a GeoTIFF is not a picture, but rather Raster Data, and it is best viewed using an appropriate tool, like QGIS.

Hello Saijin!

Thank you for your attention!

Normally, I have used WebODM to export KMZ files.

After updating, I could not export any KMZ files anymore.

The system shows the window message “Exporting…” but never finishes.


Please let me know if I can send more information.

Thank you!

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It might just be a single-threaded export, and thus take a while on such a big dataset.

Please try using a smaller dataset like our Brighton Beach Road:

Hi Saijin!
I tried what you recommended and the result was positive.
It might be that the orthophoto is so big.
I gonna try to reduce the resolution…


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