WebODM doesn't generate orthophoto

Hi everyone! My problem is that two weeks ago (aprox) my webODM doesn’t generate the orthophoto. I don’t know what is happening, cause I’m doing exactly the same that I did before. I think that the source of the problem is a possible update of webODM. Cause I saw that some files in github repository have changes, maybe that could be the problem.
Thanks a lot in advance for any help that you can give me…

  1. Link to pictures

  2. Task output: The task output is on a textfile that I added to pictures folder shared in the point 1)

  3. In my last try, I changed the value of some parameters this way:
    {‘name’: “orthophoto-resolution”, ‘value’:5.0},
    {‘name’: “ignore-gsd”, ‘value’:“true”},
    {‘name’: “use-exif”, ‘value’:“true”},
    {‘name’: “dsm”, ‘value’:“true”},
    {‘name’: “dtm”, ‘value’:“true”}

  4. I’m Executing WebODM with the docker version in my laptop, which has the next hardware:
    Processor: Core i5 of sixth generation 2.3 GH
    RAM: 8GB
    OS: Windows 10
    Browser: Google Chrome

Mm, I was able to process the dataset, but I got a very small orthophoto (less than 1KB as a result). This makes sense as the area covered by the pictures is really small. What happens if you lower orthophoto-resolution to 0.1?

Thanks a lot pierotofy!:slight_smile:
Now my orthophoto file has 157KB, but I can’t see anything.
In the miniature sight, I just see a black square and in tools like Qgis I don’t see anything.
Thanks a lot again! I really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Well, increase it again. How about 0.01?

The area you covered is small. Orthophoto resolution is expressed in cm / pixel.

Insufficient memory or network error :(:cry:

I have tried to load this pictures in Pix4D and I have seen that Pix4D doesn’t recognize GPS info. So could be WebODM doesn’t being recognizig GPS info too? although when I see the task_output look like yes but with the results that I’m getting look like no…

I already have fixed. The problem was the exif info, I do not know why they were not being read, but now yeah. Thanks a lot to everyone! I really appreciate your help!


Hi, How can you resolved? Thanks

Sorry for don’t be more useful, but on my case the problem was that exif info was being deleted by an operation that I was doing on the pictures earlier than I read it.

Ah ok, thanks for answering!