Webodm developers


I’m trying to change some code in webodm folder such as some CSS code and the zoom of 2D maps. I have putted ./webodm.sh start --dev, after changing the code, on docker env, but nothing happens.

Do you know what could be wrong?

Thank you

You are probably modifying the .CSS files instead of the .SCSS ones! .CSS are built from .SCSS and should generally not be modified.

I’ve edited the main.scss file inside \webodm\WebODM\app\static\app\css . Is not possible to edit this file?

Ah, that’s a “special one”. You can edit it, but for the changes to show up you’ll need to modify app/static/app/js/main.jsx (add a space, save the file, remove the space, re-save the file). That will retrigger a build of the SCSS.

Thank you very much @pierotofy. After changing the main.jsx file, I executed the ./webodm start --dev comand. It takes too long and appears a lot of errors. Is it normal?

@pierotofy Could you please explain me how can I change the code in order to increase the zoom in 2D maps. I’ve seen this issue https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues/263 but I don’t understand what to change in code.

Thank you.