WebODM Crop Variability MA2 Settings

Hi there,

What is the best option setting for VARI/identifying crop variability with the MA2?
Is this the field option?

And does re-sizing affect the mapping quality for crop variability?

Its all overwhelming for now, but i really need to get quality from start…

Huge thanks in advance!

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Field does a few neat tricks to help make the processing pipeline faster and more akin to what people expect coming from Pix4DFields. It requires nadir imagery, constant elevation above surface, and a flat surface being imaged. Speedup is huge, but in general, I don’t like to “start” with this unless I know my data was collected with these constraints in mind.

Resizing can affect your indices as the images are being sub-sampled, which by necessity, alters the data. If this is a no-go, ensure Resizing is off during upload. You will also want to make sure you set your --orthophoto-resolution to something equal to or finer than your dataset’s GSD to ensure you get the highest spatial resolution.

Other than that, you should be pretty okay with just the Default profile and the tweak to --orthophoto-resolution to start with. You make the indices from the View Map function after the data are processed.

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