Webodm crash after failed nodeodm 2 creation

webodm installed with webmanager, windows 10 pro updated current, dockerdesktop current.
How I got here,( I didn’t pay attention in basic programming class.) I was attempting to connect two office pc running windows 10, docker, webodm. to speedup processing.

Browser opera latest.
issue: default nodeodm 1 fails to start because I created a nodeodm 2 that pointed to a wrong ip address.
when I click on new node from the browser to delete, an error page is generated, see snapshots.
How do I delete this very bad node?

webodm error

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Are you beholden to using the WebODM Manager/Docker route?

If not, please reach out to [email protected] so I can get you more up to date.

Are you trying to make a cluster using ClusterODM, or are you just trying to have multiple independent nodes you can enqueue to?

Thank you for responding, sorry I believed I would be notified by email.
yes, I am skill limited, I setup websites years ago on prolient scsi drive servers. on windows 2000. so im relearing! I started down the webodm route to learn photogrammetry. Beautiful software. the pas month I have been attempting to share the processing with a second pc.
so my question is how to remove the nodeodm I created. because short of reinstalling webodm Im locked out of the program, I hate using a hammer and crowbar when I dont have the keys…

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In this instance, I’m not sure we can use coaching to fix it up as we’d need to get shell access into Docker and start poking at internal WebODM configuration files and it could get ugly fast.

Do you have important projects that you can’t replicate in there?

Thank you again for looking, uh NO, nothing important in this instance of odm, only recently installed the program and was testing when this happened. it is a new install on a new pc so I will reinstall to correct, but thank you for your generosity.

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If you can reach out to us I can get you on the native release, so no Docker :sunglasses:

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