WebODM: Could not get current device IDinitialization error


I cannot upload my images due to being on a cell hotspot.

I have been using WebODM for about 3 years with few issues I couldn’t figure out, but I recently upgraded to a more powerful machine, and now WebODM is experiencing errors in processing.

My old machine was a Dell tower with a Core i7 processor (8cores), 32GB RAM, and Windows 10 running the windows native install of WebODM. I was able to easily process datasets of 350 pictures or less well enough for my purposes (making orthos with DSM + DTM for design clients)

The new machine is a Dell Precision 7810 tower with dual Xeon processors (24 cores), 128GB RAM, and Windows 10. Running the windows native WebODM. all drives are SSD.

I was getting the “Child Process Returned:1” error, and checking the forums here saw to try updating WebODM, which I have just done. Now running 1.9.11 build 49

When i try to reload a dataset of 186 images flown at 280’ with a double-grid pattern, i now get this error:

[INFO] Photo dimensions for feature extraction: 1000px
Could not get current device IDinitialization error

I have never seen this error before. I checked github and found nothing there. Any help appreciated.

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Seems like the GPU code is unable to get initialized.

You can either disable the GPU by setting a ODM_NO_GPU environment variable system-wide, or perhaps try updating your graphics card driver?

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I have updated the driver, but am getting the same error.

If i hit resume processing after this error it runs and creates an Ortho + DSM and DTM, but when I go to view the 3D model it shows nothing. When I select Show Textured Model I get a loading screen and still nothing.

Graphics card is NVIDIA NVS 315

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I think your card uses too old a CUDA/Compute version (2.1). It looks like with the R390 driver, it only supports up to CUDA 9.1, and we’re compiled against CUDA 11.4 last I checked.

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This is going to get fixed as soon as Fixes by pierotofy · Pull Request #1402 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub is merged. :pray:

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