Webodm compressing all.zip help

I have been having a issue running a recent dataset. Its 563 photos. If i run via a preset default ect it completes the task. If I change any settings in the webodm interface it hangs at “Compressing all.zip” what’s interesting is I can locate the all.zip within the nodeodm container and download and all is fine.
So I was wondering what might be the problem with it moving on to the next step of being completed in webodm since the all.zip gets wrote to disk with no errors that I can see. Is their a timeout in the creation of the all.zip by chance.
WebODM 1.7.0
API Version 2.1.3
Engine Version 2.3.3

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I am seeing the same issue. WebODM and NodeODM up to date as of 40 hours ago.

I believe I’m having very similar issues here as well, but I don’t know how to check and see if the all.zip file is in the container. Have reran a number of times, reran from different stages, killed and restarted Docker/Windows to no avail…

Could you post the result of:

docker logs webodm_webapp (or docker logs webapp) and docker logs webodm_worker (or docker logs worker)?

Sorry but I just deleted all the logs the other day. I did manage to somewhat resolve my issue by removing all docker images and unused objects. I was able then to complete a project.