WebODM cleaning up tasks problem

Hello. I’ve installed WebODM on Oracle cloud instance with Ubuntu 20.04 server.
There have been some problems, mainly the fact that for some reason docker-compose didn’t wanted to install, so i’ve manually changed “docker-compose” to “docker compose” in webodm.sh soo it uses dockers build in implementation. Other trouble i had was with accesing WebODM using nginx, but thats out of main trouble rn.

THE reason I came here is that after fiev tryes with uploading datasets to WebODM with resulted in failure, Im unable to get rid of “deleting” and “canceling” bars with didnt bothered restart of system, and ./webodm rebuild. Any tips on how to clean it up?

Update: Apparently i’ve been blind for the last 3 days pulling my hair becouse of this. HERE for everyone who will ever have same problem with deleting stuck projects and/or tasks:

Still waiting for any ideas on why WebODM can see node, but does not bother to send work to it.

Update: Apparenty in default my docker did not had permisions to files that it saved, the solution was using (sudo chmod 666 /var/run/docker.sock), If anyone finds it helpfull, your wellcome.


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