WebODM - check for updates

Hi folks - I just went to check for updates, and an error message appeared telling me that it cannot check for updates as the certificate has expired. Can anybody help, or tell me why this has happened?

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A bit of a certificate kerfluffle. They do expire at the worst times, haha.

It should be sorted on its own shortly!

Ah - thank you! I thought it was something I had done at my end! :laughing:

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If that was your fault, you should get a job in security penetration testing :rofl:

I’ll just stick with the day job, and leave that kind of stuff to you clever guys. :grinning:

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I’m still seeing the certificate expired error today.

Yeah, I’m not sure if Piero has been able to sort out a solution or replacement certificate.

It’ll get sorted, though!


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