WebODM boot disk

I created a bootable USB and have been running WebODM just fine, I created a backup Bootable usb too - just in case. I then decided I needed the second USB and got completely lost in “restoring” it to normal.
What is a suitable process to regain my USB stick. I tried all the Google options and have a complete hotchpotch of what is left.
I’m quite happy to lose/destroy the USB if needed but I’d like to know for he future how to get one back to normal

What operating systems do you have access to? If windows, I don’t know of a tool better than Rufus to make bootable media from ISOs.

Use GParted https://gparted.org/, remove all partitions from the USB, then add a single FAT32 partition. Use with care!


Thanks for the comments but I was able to recover it after all my messups by converting it to gpt and reformatting. I used AOEMI All good but certainly my fault - again

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