WebODM and DroneDB

I upload photos to webODM for beeing processed locally or through lightning network.
I get many files as a result (orthophotos, .obj, .las… etc…) I can view them in 3D view and 2d view, I also can share the results…

Why DroneDB as a standalone app? Why not just adding DroneDB possibilities to web ODM since the files are already there?

Or how can i mange to use both together?

For example, uploading and viewing other orthophotos not generated by WebODM…

I use WebODM installed on a VM instance using google cloud


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WebODM wasn’t designed to display orthos from other software (well, it’s open-source, so it could be modified… and we welcome pull requests).

DroneDB’s main goal is to provide a data repository for aerial assets.

They have some overlapping, but distinct goals.

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