WebODM 1.9.14 fails where an Old Version had success.Is it possibile to disable GPS position during the reconstruction?

Hi, I have the same dataset of 202 pictures os facade of a church, on 2 different server with 2 different version of WebODM, the first installed in 2021 and the second installed on other in 2022.

If I see camera position, I see the 10 cameras are not corretcly positioned respect the facade. It 's probably a fault of GPS signal. But I’m using a simple Mavic Mini that uses the GPS of my Smartphone.

In he old version the facade is reconstructed properly, and seems that doesn’t be affected by the GPS error.

In the WebODM 1.9.14 the GPS position is respected and I obtain an error as a result.

Is it possibile to disable GPS position during the reconstruction?

Thx, regards

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You could try to use exiftool to strip the GPS information from the images. ODM doesn’t have a way to ignore GPS currently.

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Ok. Thanks for replay.

Why an old version seems to ignore GPS (cameras are wrong but the reconstrunction Is correct) and the most recent fails?

I’ll show at Università di Padova this case and I’ll Happy to explain ‘why’ It happens.

How to set as the old version the recent version?

Old version of WebODM (2021) options that run properly:

Options: rerun-from: dataset, min-num-features: 10000, camera-lens: brown, depthmap-resolution: 1000, mesh-size: 1500000, mesh-octree-depth: 8, texturing-data-term: area, texturing-outlier-removal-type: none, texturing-keep-unseen-faces: true, texturing-tone-mapping: gamma, optimize-disk-space: true

These are the settings I’ve set on newest version:
auto-boundary: true, camera-lens: brown, depthmap-resolution: 10000, matcher-neighbors: 8, matcher-type: bruteforce, max-concurrency: 3, texturing-data-term: area, texturing-keep-unseen-faces: true, texturing-outlier-removal-type: none

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Are you able to share the dataset?

I’d start with defaults and turn up feature-quality and min-num-features to start.

Thanks for your advice. It actually works well that way. It remains to be seen why an older version succeeded and a newer failed. I share the dataset.

This is the original dataset: 819.55 MB folder on MEGA

I only get a partial reconstruction with the latest Windows build.

[Pieve di San Lorenzo a Monte - 06/02/2023](javascript:void(0):wink:

202 images 07:10:56

|Options:|auto-boundary: true, feature-quality: ultra, gps-accuracy: 6, mesh-octree-depth: 12, mesh-size: 500000, min-num-features: 20000, orthophoto-cutline: true, pc-quality: ultra, skip-orthophoto: true, sky-removal: true, use-3dmesh: true|
|Average GSD:|0.01 cm|
|Area:|103.33 m²|
|Reconstructed Points:|46,693,937|

Thx for the feedback… random errors with the recent version… WHY!!!

A pretty good result with just a change to some settings, high feature quality instead of ultra to speed it up.

[Copy of Pieve di San Lorenzo a Monte - 06/02/2023]

202 03:09:55
|Options:|gps-accuracy: 10, mesh-octree-depth: 12, mesh-size: 500000, min-num-features: 20000, orthophoto-cutline: true, pc-filter: 5, pc-quality: ultra, skip-orthophoto: true, use-3dmesh: true, rerun-from: dataset|
|Average GSD:|0.05 cm|
|Area:|74.63 m²|
|Reconstructed Points:|82,127,340|


Amazing!!! I Will try your settings.
Can you post also a screenshot with camera position on? Somes cameras May placed wrong.

Thanks a lot.



short video of the 3D model, so you can see cameras from all sides


Wow! A movie! Thanks a lot for your time.

So, we can say that, old version was robuster than recent in feature detection with low number of features.
In recent version we need to increase th min-num-features: (20000 insted 10000) .

“orthophoto-cutline: true” is this parameter essential?

I’ll try your settings on my server. I’ll be back soon with my results.

Luca Mandolesi

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It was difficult to see all camera positions clearly with a screen grab, I figured a video would show positions more clearly :slight_smile:

Re: orthophoto-cutline, that seems to be a default setting for the 3D model settings now, I didn’t specifically set it.

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Hello, just a few small historical notes. This is a pieve, a medieval church used to manage the territory and dispense the rite of Christian baptism. It was built, according to archaeologists, in the 5th-6th century AD, during the time of the Ostrogoths in Italy and it reused materials from a Roman temple in its foundations. In fact, the lower part of the facade is made up of blocks that probably come from the cella of the Roman temple.


Thanks for the historical background, I could see in the brickwork that it has gone through a number of re-developments over time.

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My Server is keeping on fail. What kind of type of matcher type and feature type did you use?

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Your WebODM versione is the Release 1.9.19 · OpenDroneMap/WebODM · GitHub?

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SIFT feature extraction with GPU and FLANN matching

Using latest native Windows build - ODM 3.0.2

What failure are you getting?

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Me too but WebODM installed without GPU. I have not a GPU on my server.

The errors are the same I’ve posted before: an hole in the left of the facade and a line of pictures with
a bad position

This error doesn’t appear on my old server of 2020. I’m going mad.


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