WebGL Context Lost?


I’ve completed processing around 350 images of a mostly wooded area and processing completed in WebODM Lightning without a hitch. I can view the 3D model as a point cloud but when I look at the textured mesh it begins to fill in and at some point the screen goes black and I get an error message that says WebGL Context Lost :frowning:

What causes this and is there a way to view the complete mesh within the Lightning software.


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Hmm, sounds like a possible GPU/Browser interaction issue.

What browser and GPU are you using under what OS?

Chrome browser on Windows. I’m trying to view it in WebODM Lightning

Alright. What GPU?

Intel Integrated?

intel core I7 9th Gen

Are you able to share the dataset? I’m thinking Intel IGP driver issue. Have you run Intel DSA to make sure you have the latest Intel drivers/firmware?

Just downloaded and ran the Intel DSA (4 updates). Rebooted and still have the same problem.

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Hmm :thinking:

Well, at least you’re up to date now, haha.

Can you share your all.zip with us so I can view the project exactly as you are?

I’d try to use MeshLab to open the textured model; maybe it’s too large?

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I successfully opened the obj file in meshlab and it’s slow to respond so I think you are correct. It took a while to load. I’m curious about the mesh file itself. What is considered large? This one is has 187,128 vertices and 292,622 faces according to meshlab. What is the significance of the png files are they the individual faces and the obj file stitches them together? This is a forested area so I would assume it’s a tough set of images to create a mesh on.

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Most of the size will be determined by the size of the PNGs (the actual textures), so large PNGs will bring the web viewer to its knees.

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The png files by themselves are 1.45 GB

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There you go :slight_smile:

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