WebApp Memory Usage

Hello erveryone,
I use WebODM version 1.9.11 with docker. Every refresh page in WebODM, it increase memory usage of webapp container. It storage in cache i think.

I guess list of project request cause of that. Also i checked that on WebODM 1.9.16 version. It seems same. Is it bug or can i fix this?

Thank You!


Linux is pretty aggressive with caching things, especially when there is low memory pressure. This seems normal to me. It should drop cached data as needed

When i send 200 request at the same time with Jmeter to WebODM, it becomes really huge memory usage.

I think it needs to be clean cache somehow.

Yes, I am observing a similar pattern. I did not yet bother to quantify it but webapp uses up to 8 Gbyte or at times around 20 Gbyte of system memory. Mainly when I am viewing projects, opening the 3D view and a bit more when also loading the textures in the 3D viewer.
The only way I found to get that memory back, is to stop WebODM. Closing the browser where I am viewing the project does not help.

Yet at this point it did not yet really bother me. Since I mostly download and process my projects externally and WebODM runs on a dedicated rendering machine.