We need more people to chip in to support webOdm project

I would like to share some experiences about webOdm.

Couples years ago, I found this webOdm project. Because all kind of drone images processing software is so expensive, it is surprise to see that is is free.

At that moment, it didn’t support my NDVI drone. But it still surprised me. I admire the members of this project.
Later it really surprised me is that webOdm support Mavic 3 earlier than Pix4D. I know these guys working hard, have a vision to bring great future for drone community.

I decide to buy them a cup of coffee a day. I know that is nothing for them, but just a showing a appreciation. Sometimes even they know they are doing great jobs, but they still need us to appreciate.

Even webOdm still doesn’t support my NDVI drone, and I think it never will because of my drone is very rare. I still keep buying them a cup coffee a month.

Usually I don’t show this, because this amount is too tony for them. But I think if this post can encourage more people to express your thanks, it will be worth.

When I started a small business just before COVID, some stranger came in and hanged out a little bit. They wished I had a successful running. I still remember how happy I felt.

Thank you the members of this Odm project team.


That’s lovely of you, and thank you for your support!


It’s actually very thoughtful (and caffeine does help get code written), so thank you!

The drone in question (I’m assuming we’re talking about the AV Quantix) is a tricky one. Today I had some time and revisited the datasets you shared (also thank you for those) and what I thought could be a 20 minutes simple fix turned into a 4 hours sprint. The result of the sprint is now published on Better support for AeroVironment Quantix by pierotofy · Pull Request #1590 · OpenDroneMap/ODM · GitHub, I’m running some tests to see if I can get usable results and will merge the results into ODM afterwards. The link has some more info.

Sustainable funding for open source does not come from donations, never has, probably never will. But donations like yours are certainly a kind gesture and very much appreciated!

I actually started writing a mini-series on my blog about this stuff: FOSS Funding – Chapter 1 – Open source has a funding problem » Piero on Drones, Technology, Remote Work and Travel


Thank you so much. I am not intend to ask you support the drone. It is much beyond my expection.

I hope this post can draw more attention if you feel webOdm is helpful.
And if it is helpful, everyone should do a little part. Like me, I don’t have any coding experience. I just do a little things. Compare Pix4D $200-300/month, $10 is nothing. Someone maybe just share their datas. Even saying thank you will still help a lot.

Just hope our community is growing in good way.


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