Waypoints in the measuring tool

I am using the measuring tool sometimes but most of all I would need a way to set several interesting waypoint on my 2d maps with a label for each of them and the possibility to export these waypoints with their GPS coordinate in the same way you can export other measurements.
It does not feels very far from the actual function…

What does the great ODM developpers community thinks about that?

Thanks in advance if one of you believes it is is easy to set up…

Would be cool if somebody built a plugin for it. Would be a matter of packaging up one of the ones available at under “Markers & renderers” https://leafletjs.com/plugins.html

Would you be interested in contributing to it @Pi-R-O-Scan ?

Wahoo amazing this leaflet site, people are so productive.

Sorry @pierotofy I do not have the kowledge to built, pack and program anything, It often takes me quite a while to watch tuto to install stuff on oracle or linux…

Indeed as you mentioned the Markers is the ideal thing to do, I did not see if any of the program patch allowed an excel or calc file to the GPS Points…

Othewhise the best would be to find a viewer application for orthophoto that has already implemented this feature (I already lost a couple of projects on webodm due to update of docker so I now prefer to download thing locally as soon as as they are computed)

QGIS is probably your best bet in terms of a viewer. I find it really good for adding points, lines, taking profiles etc.

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OK I will try to get a grip on QGIS, it seems a bit over the need, any other idea of sth that I can install on my IPAD that would allow me to do on site survey check with the loaded orthophoto and with instant positioning on the map may be?

Input or QField, potentially. Both based upon QGIS projects.

Don’t be intimidated by QGIS’ first-start experience. It is daunting, but trust me, it is far and away the easiest GIS suite to get started using.


Thanks Saijin.

I will give the Python API for QGIS a shot!

I was proposing the gui, but if your python-fu is good, by all means go that route.

Post what you come up with :blush: