Way of overwriting the export_report() in OpenSFM

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I’m currently looking for the way for overwriting the format of the quality report generated by ODM, more specifically, editing the title of the report. As I dived into ODM, I’ve found that the template of the quality report is generated by the generate_report() provided by OpenSFM lib. Unfortunately, I could find where this function is overwritten within ODM. I wonder where and what function has rewritten the title of the OpenSFM quality report and how can I edit it myself.

Harry Shen

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ODM has its own fork of OpenSfM (and ODM contributors regularly push relevant patches upstream in OpenSfM), one per branch as here : Branches · OpenDroneMap/OpenSfM · GitHub

For the current version (250), you can play with the report here : OpenSfM/report.py at 250 · OpenDroneMap/OpenSfM · GitHub

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Hi Yann,

Thanks for these helpful information and I have found them on the branch you suggested. My other question would be how to apply the modified report.py file to the WebODM if I use the default node-odm-1 process node and an external process node executed by other machines. I couldn’t find the relevant folders or files in the repo, if that means the default node-odm-1 is not editable, how can I edit it within an external NodeODM? Appreciate it!


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I feel that my question would be somehow more straightforward since I only want know how to rename the quality report and also in which file does the ODM engine get or calculate values of “GPS/GCP Errors Details”.

AFAIK, I’m running WebODM on the cloud server which means the ODM has been automatically packaged in the docker image, but I still could not find where the quality report generation is defined within WebODM…

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