Water surface problem

I’m newbie to OpenDroneMap, learning to use drone photo to create map.

I install User interface Business Windows 10 installer
and after I found the problem also install docker + webODM
the water surface appear the same.

Processing Node : Auto
Options : Default

please tell me some setting to solve the problem.

original photo ODM water surface.jpg - Google Drive

API : 2.2.0
Engine Version : 2.8.8
Chrome : 105.0.5195.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Water, due to its reflective, and, well, fluid nature doesn’t play nice with photogrammetry, or even LIDAR generally for that matter, it’s best to manually mask/exclude these areas in the exported product using other software.

Unfortunately, there’s no real fix for this (that I know of)

Hi TedRob,

Thanks for your answer, could you suggest how to manually mask/exclude these areas, or what software shall help me with this problem.