Warping of trees and buildings



AFAIK, lensfun is meant for RAW images. What is your camera?



Camera properties in EXIF data


Ok. Your best bet is probably to correct with lensfun but as lensfun is meant for RAW images, the corrections won’t be quite right, so I’d recommend not using fixed camera parameters. This allows the underlying matching to help finish the calibration. Lensfun will get you closer however, especially as this is a somewhat wide angle camera.


Great! I will give it a go and re-run without fixed camera parameters. I will repost when I have my images.

Even though I am having some issues with the buildings, my final images and DTM’s are still of a very high quality across the rest of the property. I think that speaks to the time and effort all the developers have put in to the product.


I re-ran a subset of the unwarped images images over the building and it delivered pretty much the same results.



It is possible that I may not have successfully unwarped the images

I will try to get a non-nadir dataset of the buildings at some point and add that to the dataset to see if it helps.

Would cropping the distortions out help at all?

I am beginning to think that I just have a bad camera for the job and that I should look at investing in a better drone and camera. For the moment though I am mainly interested in the vegetation and was really just looking to produce the best result I could on all aspects of the imagery.