Volumes, surface model, point shape and elevation


Hi all…

First - Thanks to the contributors of this program, you’ve done a brilliant job!

Second, a few questions I hope haven’t been answered before ( i can’t find anything…)

(Mac OS, High Sierra, Docker 18.03.1, WebODM up to date)

  1. Is there an option I’m missing to allow the 2D map to customise it’s elevation range from this -

To what the 3D map allows like this -

  1. What are volume calculations based on when using 2D view? Is it average elevation?
  2. The point cloud shape looks to be stuck on circle, even when square is selected in the GUI. Is this my doing or a bug?
  3. Is there a way, other than using GCPs, to set 1 point at a certain altitude and have the rest of the map update? E.g i can click where my UAV took off and say “use this as 0m” and calibrate the reset accordingly?

Thanks again… really enjoying playing with this software.