Volume measurement never calculates

when i click finish measurement the volumes never stops computing or gives me the volume.

Also when downloading assets. it takes a long time to download the jpeg othrophoto, but i cant get a jpeg of the surface model to download. it just says “downloading” forever

any ideas? this just started last week. i do have the latest build installed

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Some of those actions are single-threaded, so they can take a long time on larger datasets.

They will eventually complete :slight_smile:

Do you have a more powerful machine to do the work from if your current one is taking longer than you’d prefer?

i have an HP OMEN. 16gig memory, nvidia geoforce rtx 3060, 12th gen i7 processor, 1TB storage. i dont know much about computers but was recommended this one. however it when i first started using WebODM it downloaded the JPGs pretty quick and last week it calculated the volume in seconds. this week i wanted to verify the volume and it would never compute. also i did the easy install. i dont know how to do the programming stuff. not sure if that makes a difference or not

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What volumes are you calculating?

There’s a volume plug-in for QGis that’s really good that I use, you can do volume between dsm’s or against a hight and set up other things to control the accuracy.

I often tell people to use QGis, that’s because it’s very good.

thanks for the info. im not very computer savvy but i did download qgis and found that plugin. im working through figuring out how to export the correct fromat from webodm that qgis can read. i actually also downloaded meshroom and started experimenting with it tonight. after processing the first model i checked on webodm again and for some reason it started working again. it hasnt worked for a week. even after downloading the 2 upddates. but i definitely prefer web odm. so ill put the others to the side for now as long as it keeps working. its just the easiest to operate for someone that isnt great with computers. i appreciate all the input

I normally only a compute the point cloud and then I make a sort of orthophoto with CloudCompare, it also a very good software for doing things with Pointclouds.

It can be used to make DSMs also, you have much more control over it there.

I’m a nerd and always in the search for helpful software. WebODM, Qgis and CloudCompare are my goto free software for geo processing , I think $50 counts as free.

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Can you please check for updates from the Tools menu and ensure you’re on Build 84? It might fix this behavior.

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