Volume Measurement Export Datum

@pierotofy @smathermather-cm When creating a volume measurement it works fine and exporting works fine, but it exports it as a geojason file. Any chance that there will be an update to export the file as a shapefile or dxf like how the contour export works.

Also exporting as a geojason makes the file not have any coordinate system. Any chance there will be an option to export the measurement file to have the coordinate system needed for a working file, just like the same way that the contour export works.


This could be an interesting feature to add; could you open a feature request on https://github.com/OpenDroneMap/WebODM/issues ?

@pierotofy What are the chances of this feature being added sooner rather then later?

I can’t speak for this feature in particular, but in general, the features that get implemented first are the ones that either have a fiscal sponsor or are implemented by a community member. :slight_smile: All other features happen as time allows.

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@smathermather-cm What would the fiscal sponsor amount be to get this feature implemented?