Can the new WebODM windows native installers be virtualized on AppsAnywhere (see here)? My institution has tried and failed to virtualize WebODM via docker, so perhaps this new development under windows would help? this would open up WebODM as a teaching tool that students can use without having to install it themselves.


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Interesting question, and interesting platform! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

I’m not sure if anyone has attempted to use that platform with any of the *ODM products, least of all the recent Windows native compile.

Possibly! Try it and let us know?

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Yep, I’ll make the request and report back. Although if that fails, I assume I could get my University to buy the business installer and then just install it locally on all machines I need?

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I use odm on a VMware server. Install: follow the instructions at the bottom of the github page for aws install. after you installed ubuntu on your vm server. Also change to the instruction on github Run sudo apt-get install python3-pip. Works with no issues and now can access from the web.

Also I made the $75 contribution well worth it.


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