Vineyard plant measurement

Hello all,

I have an interesting use-case, where I’d like to survey a vineyard and create a 3d model in which I can measure the width and height of the plants. The aim is to give an indication of the state and potential yield at the time of the survey and eventually predict the final yield.

Is this possible in webODM and is anyone doing something like this already? Would love to get some pointers.

Thanks in advance!

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Good question! This is the only example I remember seeing:

But I feel like there has been some other discussion around vineyards here.

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Thanks for the reply! For sure there is opportunity here; I’m rapidly learning there’s a lot of science going on in viticulture including sun irradiance mapping (more sun for longer hours equals more sugar production in grapes, meaning better taste and alcohol!), which helps in vineyard planning.
Would be great to get some vineyard friendly features in webODM!