Viewing the potree_pointcloud folder


How could I view the potree_pointcloud folder without spinning up WedODM? I thought going to would give some answers (like basically to build myself a simple webpage that loads the pointcloud and lets you measure off it.) But I am having a heck of a time figuring out how to get just the potree examples to work from github, it is like the instructions are old?

Figured I would post here in case anyone had some slick ideas or tricks to try.


Run WebODM by mapping the appdata folder to your host:

./ restart --media-dir /home/youruser/webodm_media

Results will be stored in /home/youruser/webodm_media/project/id/task/id/, including the potree_pointcloud folders.


There is only a tmp directory in my webodm_media folder. Does this mean something went wrong in the mount?


Mm, probably. Did you use the restart command instead of start?


I have now tried start instead of restart and I do get some data in the mount but not all data.