Viewing 3D textured model - considerations when making an animation

I was recently making an animation of flying over a potholed road, using Debut Video Capture, and found that the more attempts I made to produce it, the jerkier it became.
Upon investigation, I discovered that while ever the 3D window is on the screen viewing the textured model, GPU load and power use is significant (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Super with 4GBVRAM). This causes the GPU temperature to rise, and I determined that the smoothness of the animation is directly related to the GPU core temperature, becoming more jerky as the temperature rises.

Minimising WebODM ( the drop in the traces for ~20 sec on the far right) allows the GPU core to cool as power drops to just a few watts, even though almost all the VRAM is still in use. High VRAM usage occurs whenever you are viewing the 3D textured model, but not the point cloud

I was able to make the below linked smooth animation by minimising WebODM for a few minutes until the GPU core temperature dropped into the 20s Celsius.

Monteray Rd potholes video Monteray-Rd-Potholes20220810.mp4 - Google Drive


Sweet! How did you create the video? Have a tutorial?

Done with Camera Animation in Navigation, under the Tools menu item, I’m not sure if anyone has posted a tutorial for it though. It’s not too hard to figure out once you start playing with it.
I recorded the animation window with Debut Video Capture.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I must be missing something. I don’t see a play button.

I must be doing something wrong lol.

Open up Scene, click on the word animation. There you can view the scene from each of the points on the green line. Move the points on the blue to where you want the view facing.
Click on the dot inside the circle to see each viewpoint.
‘Play’ when you are happy with it, and you can continue to adjust after playing if required.
Drag the play progress indicator manually or increase the time for a slow motion play.


Maybe you cannot see the image that I posted in my last comment. From what I can see, there is no “play” button on my end. I created a short video to show you what I am doing. Maybe you can take a peek to see if you see something off? dont see animation button - YouTube

Thanks for taking the time!

Yes I could see it, and Scene was not open, but you did open it in the video-


HAHA! OK, I figured out what was happening. You keep saying “open up scene”. To me, in my industry, because I deal with videos and digital imagery all day log, a “scene” is an actual digital scene of whatever you are working on… not a button tab LMAO.

Ok, I got it now. Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated!

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