Viewing 3D Rending on iPad

Hi All,

Quick question, Im not able to view the point cloud or 3D model using my iPad or any apple device. Am I missing something from the settings? Ive attached an image of the error but I can’t get it all, the page freezes and I can’t even copy the error message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, client mentioned that when viewing the 3D model on a computer it seems to lock up and won’t be able to navigate the model, anyone else having that issue? Ive experienced it myself.

Thanks in advance.

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The version of Safari you have isn’t sufficient to use WebGL2, which is required for the point cloud viewer.


Hi Saijin,

The screenshot I took was using Google Chrome on one of the latest iPad models. Am I missing something? Thanks!

It is and it isn’t. Browsers on iOS must use the system-provided browser engine, so Safari.

Chrome is just a skin over Safari on your iPad.


Thanks Saijin! Sorry for the late reply, will have to use another table outside of Apple for demos.

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For all the benefits mobile platforms bring, sometimes there’s just no substitute for something a bit more work-grade like a laptop/tablet running a proper “desktop” OS.

Good luck!


Agreed! Thanks again :pray:t3:


Thank you! :pray:t3:

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