Viewing 3D models exported from WebODM

Hi folks, I’ve managed to complete my first model, data from Dronelink and uploaded to WebODM. I’ve searched the forum for an answer but haven’t found one yet, my question is how to save or convert the 3D model to something that I can show and share via online 3D viewer. I use a modelling program for designing, I can import the OBJ file and textures into it and save but the 3DS file exported doesn’t have the textures and colours included. I would love to have a simple step straight out of WebDOM. thanks in advance. PS is there a list of photogametry acronyms for the uninitiated.

Have you tried 3D viewer? I uses the output from WebODM directly, no conversions required.
See: 100+ year old house

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Managing file formats is a pain! We are in the process of upgrading webODM to output gltf models which should make things a bit easier for some use cases.
In the mean time, Sketchfab is a handy way to auto-convert models into other formats, although there are some restrictions on upload sizes, etc if you don’t have a paid account with them (if you are a student or academic you can get a pro account for $99/yr)

They also have a handy list of model format conversion links


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