View result from WEBODM Lightning

Hi all,

I have bought and successfully used the WEBODM Installer to process several maps. However my Macbook is running a bit slow on other task during processing of the data, so I tried WEBODM Lightning and bought some credits. I have processed a few datasets overnight and downloaded the results in an

Perhaps I’m just dumb :open_mouth: but don’t now what to do with the resulting files. In WEBODM it was obvious but how do I view the result that I get from WEBODM Lightning???

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Hey @chwi69 :hand: you can press the “Import” – “Import from URL” button from your local WebODM application and copy/paste the Lightning download url (ending with to import the results in WebODM.

Otherwise you can also use QGIS (, MeshLab ( and CloudCompare ( to simply extract the zip archive from Lightning and open the files individually.


Thank you - it works perfekt :slight_smile:

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