Very north, very GPU

Hei, it’s been a while since I visited - but will be back more often over the next while :smiley:

I just wanted to share possibly one of the most polar applications of OpenDroneMap yet - almost 82 degrees north, and also give a big thanks to everyone who has worked on the GPU-enabled ODM build, it has been working really well! :pray:


I am amazed you got it to stitch, though that snowfield does have a lot of texture.

What was time of day like? Early morning/late afternoon to get shadow?

thanks :slight_smile: snow works as long as the light helps bump up the texture. I think this was flown around 9 or 10 UTC in semi-overcast conditions - although at that latitude the sun is always low, so if the sun is out anytime is fly-able! This was a pretty messy flight, in 10-12 m/s wind and a bit of snow drift/saltation on the ground :crazy_face: - the result is better than I had hope for!


So cool, thanks for sharing!


I can smell the snow.

What does it sound like? haha

on this day, sounds like wind :rofl: :rofl:

often very quiet out away from the ship, sometimes some growly icy cracky noises… but usually quiet, or wind, or power tools, or radio fuzz

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