VERY large orthomosaics

Hi - I am processing some orthos utilizing a relatively small image count (50-150) that are resulting in very large output files at 1cm resolution (> 2gb tiff in some cases). Also I am enabling .png, however these are not being generated. Unfortunately for these cases I have been working with .jpegs that do not have gps metadata and I presume that may be related? Any thoughts / input / rationale would be greatly appreciated.

Depending on the area covered (how large is your area?) this seems normal?

The missing PNG is strange. Are you running the latest version?

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Sorry for slow response. I have generally seen output files for similar image count and resolution in the sub-500mb range. I am using WebODM (manager 1.8.7)…thinking latest version. I’ve seen .png outputs from all other runs. Only differences I am aware of are the lack of metadata/gps and slightly lower resolution .jpgs for these new runs.

Could you copy/paste the task output from the task that’s missing the PNG? Perhaps there will be some clues there.