Variable Rate Fertilizer

Hey guys. Newbie here.

Im searching for some help creating variable rate fertilizer perscriptions. So far i have found the possibillity of using webodm and qgis, but so far no luck of actually doing it. Anyone got any experince in the area? Is there any possibility of such a feature being implemented into odm?

Thanks for your time. :smiley:

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I think such an alnalysis might be a bit too niche to be widely applicable to a photogrammetry suite and typical photogrammetry-centric workflows, but it is certainly well-suited for QGIS.

Back in the day I used to make VRF maps in QGIS when Manifold wasnโ€™t up to the task. I do not have a plugin, nor do I have my workflow saved at this point, but roughly speaking, I just used the Toolbox and chained a few basic GIS analyses together (reclassification and a bit of smoothing/generalization) and there you go. We weighted things by various data we had for that grower and field such as NDVI, elevation, downforce, soil type, seed variety, etc, so it got complicated, but just making a VRF itself and dumping it to an interchage (most US ag equipment will only take ESRI-topology SHP with WGS84) for importing into the implement isnโ€™t too bad.

At this point, there might even be a QGIS plugin that does exactly this. Have you taken a look?

Ive been looking through the qgis plugin list, but so far theres been no luck. So far the furthest ive got is creating a vari geotiff, and cropping it in qgis.


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