VARI GeoTIFF Raw map export error after updates

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I am having issues exporting the VARI maps in geotiff raw format after the latest updates. Before hand I could export the map as a single band grey map with the values at -1 and 1 for vegetation analysis in QGIS. Now I am only able to export the RGB geotiff. This does not work for use in vegetation analysis as the bands are defaulted to 0 255 in all RGB band which does not bare relevance to the indice values between -1 and 1 representing veg cover/health/soil. Every time i try to export the raw image rather than the RGB, a note comes up saying “band index 2 out of range (not in (1,))” and I am unable to export the data and the export option defaults back to geotiff RGB. Please help!! I am processing on “High resolution” setting. I have searched the topic in the forum but there are no matches to this topic.

See image below:


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Could you file an issue on our GitHub with a sample of your data ( export?)?

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