V 2.0 for windows users

Version 2.0 available on GitHub says it will accept a GEO file coordinating GPS location with JPG if the JPG doesn’t have a standard EXIF.

I use the GUI based implementation of WebODM on a windows 10 machine. My current available version is 1.9.12. When will version 2.0 be available for the unbathed who can’t command line.

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The versioning for WebODM and ODM (commandline) are not the same.

We’re actually using ODM v2.8.0 to power the WebODM UI v1.9.12:

So you can already use this feature :slight_smile:

You just need to select it alongside your images when you upload it to WebODM, and provided it is named as required (geo.txt), it should be auto-detected.


Thanks very much. I’ve already used it and it worked fine.


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