Using WebODM with Wireguard VPN

I have an issue when using WebODM across a VPN connection.
My setup is as follows.
At home I have a virtual machine running ubuntu server with WebODM running in a docker container.
In the same network I have a Raspberry Pi running PiVPN using the Wireguard protocol.

While connected to my home network directly it works flawlessly.
When I use my work laptop outside my home network i start running in to issues.
I can connect just fine to the webapplication and I can connect just fine to every host in my home network. However when try to upload images it fails after having exceeded 10 attempts at uploading the images.

Have anyone in here encountered something similar?
I cannot remember the exact error message, but if it helps troubleshooting I can take a screenshot next time I am outside my home network.

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So uploading images from the WebODM UI fails?

Yeah, I think those messages would likely be helpful.

Thanks for your reply,
I have attached a screendump of the error
2021-10-15 14_20_29-Dashboard - WebODM og 3 flere sider - Arbejde - Microsoft​ Edge

However upon further investigation I do not think the error is related to WebODM, but rather my reverse proxy.

Accessing WebODM through my DNS record (http://webodm.home) I get above mentioned error.
Accessing WebODM through my local ip address ( it uploads just fine.

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It is just curious that the only part that does not work in the webapp when using the DNS to access the webapp, is the feature to upload the images.

It has to be something in how WebODM talks to its various components. That part is beyond me, unfortunately.

That sounds right.
Currently I am using nginx on a different host as reverse proxy. My nginx configuration for webodm looks like this:

server {
        listen 80;

        server_name webodm.home;

        location / {
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