Using WebODM interface to show map tiles on own server

Hi all.

I’m just thinking aloud here and looking at ways of hosting map tiles on a simple interface online that doesn’t require a cloud system… just simple hosting.

Gdal2tiles was perfect for this at it generated tiles and then a html doc to load everything… unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
It shows a brief image of then map then shows an error. After looking around, I think it’s down to the google maps JavaScript API move from V2 to V3.
After checking the comparison notes and having a quick find/replace attempt and failing… I don’t know enough about html to be able to convert the old html Gdal2Tiles generates to the the V3 api.

So then i thought, is it possible to just use something like the webodm orthomosaic viewer as a html page to load the map tiles.

I noticed there is a maptile download option, with an xml included, but i don’t know what kind of HTML to write to show the tiles?

Can anyone offer any help or point me in the right direction? Or is it possible to have the hmtl generated in a future version?


It should be possible. If you download the tiles it gives you a folder hierarchy containing the tiles. The folders and file names match the x, y, z of a tile server URL.

Using a web map library like Leaflet you should be to make a very basic full page web map and point it to the folder to look for tiles (instead of a tile server).

This project was using mapbox-gl-js and dealing with vector tiles and was working across 2 GitHub repositories, but the concept is the similar:

You could also search StackExchange for threads like this:


Thanks a lot, I’ll take a look at the links!