Using Singularity with ODM

Hi there,
any one can explain in detail how to run ODM in singularity instead of docker. As HPC doesn’t allow docker in there environment, they recommend using singularity but there is no detail explanation of using ODM through singularity. if any one used before, would please share how to do so.

Is it any different from the typical import process for docker images?:

Actually I don’t have experience on singularity, but I don’t have another option if I want to process large datasets.
I pulled docker image into singularity using : Singularity pull docker://opendronemap/odm and get singularity image as " odm_latest.sif"
but wen I run the command I got an error " No such file or directory" for “odm_meshing”

still playing around to figure out how to solve it :slight_smile: