Using ODM tiles in openlayers

I have a collection of geoTiffs (taken by a mavicPro) processed by Open Drone Maps. In particular, there is a folder with orthoMosiac_tiles generated thru webODM that I want to add into an OpenLayers map.

I see explanations of how to add new layers using various sources but can’t find a tutorial on how to add my custom tiles. From what I understand the code would look something like this:

new TileLayer({ source: new XYZ({ url: ‘https://{ac}{z}/{x}/{y}.png’ }) })

Where the url given could be a local file or an S3 folder where my tiles are stored.

The end result would be a base map such as OpenStreetMap with a small section replaced with the tiles substituted from hostMachine/S3. I see inside of WebODM that my tiles are displayed on a Google(?) base map with my tiles laying ontop in their respective positions, this is exactly what I would like to do but using OpenLayers to set up my map instead.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this are appreciated. Thanks, -Joe