Using ODM during MAV Competition IMAV2018

Hello everyone,

I’m one of the developer of the Paparazzi UAV Project and working at the French Civil Aviation University. We have been participating recently to the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition IMAV2018 and one of the task was to perform a flight above an area of about 200x200m and build a map in order to detect objects in limited time.
We finally won the competition and this is in particular thanks to ODM. The fast ortho-image feature allowed us to complete the processing of more than 100 images in less than 5 minutes with an excellent result regarding the limited quality of the camera we can carry on our 300gr aircraft.
You can find some more information on our blog.
Anyway, thanks for your good work, I’ll keep looking at your project.



That’s awesome! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

Wow! That’s awesome. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been observing the Paparazzi UAV project for a while and am a fan.