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I am processing drone images flown with Pix Capture and am attempting to tie in GCP into the processing run for a volunteer cemetery project. I am new to this and format/steps are not intuitive to me.

I am clicking on the side by side maps with GCP processing to get the green lights on my points and that seems to work. . I do not have actual survey points. I just want to end up with a more accurate 2d model. I get an error message stating that file cannot be processed.

Some questions:

*At what point in the processing can I tell if the software is using the GCP ?

  • Is there an exact order for loading the photo files vs. GCP process. Ie, photos first and then GCP?
  • Are GCP’s just stored in the background so to speak? If not how are they combined to work together?
  • The file that I saved with the photo files is a text file of coordinates. Does that particular file need to be included when the photo processing starts?
  • I think my hang up is simply the process order for processing, but potentially my accuracy on the point to point side by side maps.

Thanks for help.

Here is some helpful documentation on the creation of the gcp_list.tx file. Ground Control Points — OpenDroneMap 2.8.8 documentation

You upload them all at once or seperately, just be sure to select “all files”

when you initially start the processing,check the log and it will show whether a gcp file is being used in reconstruction. should look similar to this:
gcp: /var/www/data/65b01d84-e6d3-42ed-8d37-9b8ea191c442/gcp/gcp_list.txt

and farther down the log:

[INFO] 9 GCP points will be used for georeferencing
[INFO] Generated coords file from GCP: WGS84 UTM 18N

Note: I would recommend buying the gcp editor application. it makes the process of creating a gcp_list.txt file super simple.

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Thanks a bunch. I will try again very soon using your information.

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