Using GCP after first run

I’m new to ODM.
I ran the command sequence on a group of 30 pictures and it went very well.

  1. Now I would like to use ground points without re-creating features and matches. Is it possible?
  2. I can use a local reference system for ground points?
    In example:
    1000.003 9999.997 70.006 T1
    1016.815 9964.591 70.250 T2
    941.314 9913.264 69.428 T4
    924.599 9962.774 68.951 T5

Thank you for your answers.

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I do not believe that we support re-processing with a GCP without restarting the processing pipeline from the beginning.

Is this a particular workflow you expect to do often with larger image sets?

thank you,
not too often.
I am a beginner in this area but I think if I make a mistake on taking target coordinates and then I need to change some value there’s no need to search again features and matches.
Or if we take 10 GCP maybe I want to use 5 of them first and then use the other 5.

Could you help me with local reference? In GCP I would like to use local coordinates anf then see cloud in that coordinates.

Thank you very much again

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All of our products will be generated in the most appropriate local UTM CRS, despite what your GCPs or geo.txt use as their CRS. You can change the CRS on output of the file.

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