Using corrected positions, not exif locations

I am looking into using WebODM for mapping but I have one question and I don’t see an answer anywhere. I’m wondering if I can import corrected positions for the photos instead of using the locations stored in the exif data. I am using a P4RTK and post processing the data to obtain accurate locations of the photos but I need to somehow import those positions to overwrite the stored locations in the photo exif data. Or do I need to figure out a way to write those locations to the exif data before using WebODM.

Thanks for any help!

At this point we don’t support that, so you’ll need to use an exif tool to push those better positions into the exif data.

Thank you for the response. Does anyone know of a good tool to batch edit exif data? I would need something that would recognize the jpg file name in a csv file and grab those coordinates. For hundreds of photos at s time, maybe thousands. Ive done some research and can’t seem to find something that would work.

exiftool is pretty powerful.