Using boundaries correctly

Hi all,

I’m processing a surveyed field and have imported a boundary file. The boundary then shows on the ortho, which is good.
Then I applied contours and I only want to see them for the imported boundary, however it applies them to the whole ortho. Similarly, when I select DSM or DTM it displays for the whole ortho, not the boundary.
Also, the boundary is a solid colour and overlays the ortho/dsm/dtm: I essentially want the outline of the boundary which equates to the perimeter of the field surveyed.
How do I ‘crop’ the ortho to the area within the boundary and apply my layers to that? It’s not clear but very likely I’m missing something.
My aim is to then export the assets, including contour lines into QGIS so that I can produce a map with counter/elevation values.

I imported the boundary from Pix4dFields, in both Shapefile and GeoTIF formats. Both give the same results.

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Webosm interface doesnt have that capability to clip a raster by by a mask layer that I know of. However you can do that that in qgis or re process the ortho in odm using your geojson as the boundary file.


Ah ok, thanks for replying. So I need to upload the files again but this time include the geojson so that it automatically creates the boundary the second time round?

Is there any way in ODM that I can get the contour data on the lines themselves?

since you have already processed your images into an ortho you can use QGIS to clip the ortho by your boundary as well as extract your contours. regarding data on contour lines, I assume you are meaning the elevation labels of the contour lines which can be done easily with QGIS. In your QGIS processing toolbox search for “clip raster by mask layer” to constain your ortho to the boundary and search “contour” to extract contours.
I suggest looking up QGIS documentation and/or some youtube videos to learn the ins and outs of the application. Good luck, look forward to seeing the finished product.