Using an image _subset_ for mesh/orthophoto

I have two image collections of the same scene, but taken at different times. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use both sets of images to support one another in initially reconstructing the scene/camera-poses and then to use only one of the collections (i.e. remove 1/2 the images) to create the textured mesh/ortho-photo - so allowing me to create separate, aligned meshes/ortho-photos, one for each of the two collections. I’m not expecting the structure of the scene to change significantly between two collections.

If a solution involves some python coding that’s fine - I need a pointer to get started though.
I’ve already tried removing a set of images from the images folders, reconstruction.json, tracks.csv and image_list.txt, and then restarting ODM part way through the pipeline. This does not seem to work.
Thanks for your help.

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