Using alternative engines to process assets

Hi all,

It’s been great to see the development of ODM and webODM. I just purchased the installer and am playing around on a native install to Ubuntu.

I’m primarily interested in the web functionality for viewing (and measuring) assets. I’ve got my own scripted workflow through 3rd party commercial photogrammetry product that I think I will stick with, as it supports GPU and thousands of input images.

I would like to be able to import my 3rd party assets to the webodm platform. I’ve poked around the codebase a bit, but I have not yet found the scripts that handle the PostGIS/PostgreSQL backend component for the web side of things.

This is all still new to me, but I generally see a few ways forward:

  1. Poke around the codebase and supporting docs until I can unwrap/understand the pipeline. Problem here is that I’m not particularly familiar with PostGIS and web facing GIS stuff (I mostly do scientific computing).

  2. Try to generate an asset stack from my products that can be uploaded via the web dashboard.

  3. Pay the good folks at webODM to help me with a solution.

So, before jumping to option 3, I’m wondering if the community can provide a little guidance on if steps 1 or 2 are feasible, and if anyone has had success with either of these routes. Thx. -S