Users and Groups

I’m running WebODM on my macbook pro and would like to share out projects with clients.

Not entirely sure how the Users feature works or if it will accomplish what i’m trying to do but is it possible to create a new user and have a particular job assigned to them so they can login and view the ortho, 3d etc… and if it is how do i go about doing this.

I have been able to create a user and login remotely but I have to add them as a super user to be able to see any of the jobs in the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This is not possible in the current version of WebODM as far as I’m aware. I had the same desire for this feature and ended up making a wrapper around ODM. If you click the Demo button at the top of this page you can see how we did it for some inspiration.

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It’s possible, just not really obvious (we need to improve permissions management).

By default a project is owned by its creator. Superusers can see all projects regardless of ownership (as you found out).

You can assign view permissions to a project by clicking Administration --> Application --> Projects, select the project you want to share with another user, then from the top right corner click Object Permissions, from the User identification field type the name of the user you want to share the project with and add permissions as needed.

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WOW first thanks a million for that info, but you’re right i would have never figured that out on my own haha…

So next question is there a way to only share particular projects with users… I would only like to share the projects with the users to whom they are applicable to as it stands the user can now view all projects per your solution above. Perhaps i missed something…

Thanks again.


Nevermind my last question … i still had the super user status selected for my guy. Changed that and now i’ve got exactly what i need. Thank you so much for your help this is huge.