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I work in Forestry and Natural Resource Management

I’ve been working with remote sensing data for about a decade now. Few years back I dabbled in terrestrial based SfM then did a repeat photography project were I had the opportunity to utilize a uav, which spurred me into evaluating forestry applications…

For now I will be testing processing options and flight parameters for a variety of forestry applications (i.e. inventory, stockpile measurements, reforestation surveys)

I’m interested in developing quality reports and refining flight parameters over forested environments…I recently completed processing of a image set over a Douglas-fir progeny test site with WebODM default options and with Lightning Network custom options (see Swipe StoryMap), will be processing the same image set in the MicMac node here shortly…

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Hey welcome! :slight_smile:

What a cool dataset! This would be a fantastic one for testing tree counting algorithms (among others).

Hi Pierotofy…Yep, every tree in the block was measured with a ground based inventory (tree count and heights) at the same time I took the images. I have run the Agremo plant count app in DroneDeploy and PrecisionAnalytics plant count algorithm with the same image set. I’m looking to run ForestTools in R, Fusion, and LAStools on the point cloud generated from WebODM…lots of comparison results forthcoming.

Btw, any word on ODM providing a quality report generator?

It’s a highly requested feature, but we haven’t had the time to get around that.

I think it falls right after improvements on GCPs.

Hi Nicholas, I am looking to do some tree counting as well, for our tree farm. Have you had any luck with any particular products? Thanks!