Use of Docker

Hi all. Newbie question. I don’t quite understand how this is all set up to run. I mean, the instructions are clear and I think I can get it running OK, but I’m wondering why the requirements are Docker and Python+Pip and Git.

Couldn’t this all be done with Docker Compose such that the host machine doesn’t need anything but Docker and the resulting containers take care of the Python and such?

I can’t wait to play with this… it looks amazing. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Docker-compose is a Python program (and on certain systems it doesn’t come installed by default with docker) so it’s a requirement for docker-compose, whereas git is needed to download the app files and it’s used with the ./ update command. Do you need it? No, you can go ahead and download the zip archive and extract it, but then you don’t have an easy way to do updates.

Let us know if you find bugs and if you have feedback! :smile: