Uploading to Cloud hosted version

So this was a clean instal of WebODM, and the zip files were generated from my desktop version of WebODM. Now when I ran the “git clone…” an error popped up about this being an older version of something, with the option of ignoring it continuing the install, which I did.
I have no idea what the errors mean. The problem I was having is with the 2D ortho though…but likely related?

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Confirmed. I’ll open an issue. Not sure what exactly, but probably some JavaScript issue (likely what the warning was).

Thanks for surfacing this!

I see on github there was update to docker for this.
How do I update on the cloud instance I’m running?

Thanks for bringin this up by the way…I see I wasn’t the only one.

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You’d use the webodm.sh script to pull in the new Docker images, just like on the desktop. I think you should have a console or shell in the Google Cloud host for these types of management actions.

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