"Uploading Images to Processing Node" Taking Days +

I have looked at similar posts but still don’t understand how to address this issue…

When I try to run a task of just under 1000 images, the “uploading images to processing node” step takes hours, if not days. My task has not yet completed. If I start another task, the same thing happens.

I am running with Lightning, Default Parameters, and No Resizing of images. I am using the desktop application (I also have access to it via web browser, but I have reached max storage and can’t figure out how to clear that yet). I am using Windows 10 Pro. I installed webodm via the link on the odm site. There is no task output to include, as the task is still stuck on this phase.

Any help would be appreciated, as I have a lot of datasets to get through.

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Can you please run this test and post the results?:

Be advised that if your uplink is weak (50MBps or less) with high latency or significant jitter/loss you may experience dropped connections to the Lightning network, causing re-uploads or timeouts.

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